Do you want to sell your property? Don’t shoot your own photos! (Unless you’re a realPro).
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Do you want to sell your property? Don’t shoot your own photos! (Unless you’re a realPro).

Do you want to sell your property? Don’t shoot your own photos! (Unless you’re a realPro).

According to a recent article on The Wall Street Journal real estate sales are considerably better for those that use a high end DSLR camera, as opposed to a cheap point and shoot camera or (God forbid) an smart phone.

Further more, according to Redfin Corp, the Seattle based broker that did the studies, one can getaway with asking for more money, if you invested in professional high end photography for aparticular property.

“The surprising part is that the tactic works. At the closing table, listings with nicer photos gain anywhere between $934 and $116,076–as measured by the difference between asking and final price–over listings using photos from point­and­click cameras.” said Redfin.

Another thing that was surprising for Redfin Corp, was how many brokers in Boston and LongIsland (where they did their survey for this data), are committing the mistake of using point andshoot cameras! Only 15% of the listings incorporated high end photography and surprisingly half of $1 million­plus listings were shot with low ­end cameras.

Among the reasons to hire professionals is that there are “post­production” tricks that a professional knows how to apply, in order to fix situations from the shooting, such as correcting”sloping walls” a normal result of shooting with any camera.

Or using special techniques like HDR bracketing, in order to have the correct exposure even when shooting towards windows with backlight; and many tricks more.

Professional experience helps a lot when deciding what to shoot and from what angle, at what time of day depending on the geographical location of the property, how to choose different lenses for different situations, and a lot more know how that a common broker can’t come up with, unless they are a pro photographer too.

Obviously Liquid Jungle Media recommends that you get a high end 360 degree virtual tour like the ones we do. (Porto Bello Virtual Tour link) But in the meantime, we do offer high end real state still photography (including aerial images) at very reasonable prices, just contact us here.

Check the graphic that Redfin Corp came up with, where the green bars show listings shot with professional cameras and the red bars show properties shot with cheap point and shoot cameras.The exception seems to be the lower end of properties, under $300k the photos meant less and the discount meant more.”

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